Human Resource Services, the Diversity Retention & Recruitment Coordinator and the Administration & Finance Tech Team are pleased to announce the implementation of a campus exit interview process beginning on Tuesday, January 22, 2013.  In order to capture important feedback from those who depart UM, a team of dedicated professionals has worked to develop surveys that will be used to interview faculty, staff and contract professionals voluntarily leaving the university.    

The information captured on the surveys is completely confidential and will feed into an HRS database for statistical reporting purposes.  While the survey instrument is tailored specifically for each group, there are some overlapping areas, e.g. compensation and benefits questions, work environment and culture, reasons for leaving UM, and demographic information. Reports will be used to examine what UM does well so we can continue our efforts to engage employees and provide meaningful services and collaboration.  The reports may also identify areas in which we can improve. As the submitted surveys enter the database, all names and personal identifiers are removed, leaving raw data and qualitative remarks that can be analyzed. Reports will be pulled from the database after time has passed to ensure a robust body of data and to safeguard those who may have left small departments with few employees. 

Surveys may be administered in one of two ways: via a telephone interview or a survey link emailed to the departing employee. The entire survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

We are excited about this important step in identifying ways to strengthen our core values of diversity, engagement, leadership and sustainability.  If you have any questions about the exit interview process, please contact Maria Cole, Diversity Retention & Recruitment Coordinator in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, at 406-243-5617.